In production

For years, the story of peace in the Middle East has been told simply - it is just not possible. Co-directed by Ilan Arboleda and Azza Cohen in her feature directorial debut, the film asks: How does peace in one country affect peace in another? By connecting the dots of several peace negotiations, we will relive moments when the end to war seemed impossible but then, against all odds, peace was found. The apartheid in South Africa, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the drug wars in Colombia all have this in common. A Farewell to Arms is a bold call-to action for negotiators in Israel and Palestine who have chosen ego, party, and money over peace. This is a documentary so filled with high-profile politicians and inspiring grassroots activists that audiences, especially those in power, will have no choice but to act. To move forward. To sit at the negotiating table even if it hurts. To believe in peace again.