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What if fighting for your country meant going against some of its most traditional values? Forgotten Fields is a documentary about the women who shake tradition to rid their country of landmines leftover from a devastating ethnic war. Individually outcast; together, a collective -- the deminers support each other as they take on the dangerous role of breaking stereotypes and securing the future of their war-torn republic.

This film follows five women who work full-time as deminers. They put themselves at great risk in order to save the lives of countless people who use these lands to farm, collect wood, attend school, and rebuild their villages. Despite their courageous work, they still face the stigma of independent, working women in a country where they are often the property and responsibility of men. In following their stories, we explore not only their dangerous work, but their lives as they wrestle with the pain of their pasts, their dreams for the future of their children and their country, and the immense joy and bonds they share.