Davi's way

Currently in Post Production

Typecast as the bad guy in over 130 feature films (including The Goonies and License to Kill ), actor/performer Robert Davi has always yearned to be the romantic lead.  Trained as an opera singer, music is his chance to do just that.  A Very Good Year is a character portrait of Robert Davi as he makes a shift from acting to singing professionally. The film also reflects on the cultural impact of Frank Sinatra - and Robert's own quest to put on a concert celebrating Sinatra's 100th Birthday.

Director:  Tom Donahue
Producers:  Ilan Arboleda, Tom Donahue, Robert Davi, Danny A. Abekaser  
Executive Producers: Ron Rofe, Isaac Gindi
Co-Producers:- Steve Edwards, Chantel Elassaad
Cinematography: Boyd Hobbs, Stefano Ferrari
Editor: Jasmin Way