A fast-paced journey through the last half-century of Hollywood history from the often forgotten perspective of two casting pioneers
Marion Dougherty & Lynn Stalmaster.  



  • Winner of Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary of the Year from the National Alliance of Women in Media.  

  • Nominated for an Emmy and by the prestigious National Board of Review.  

  • Four days before the film’s release, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced it was creating a casting branch based on the content of the film and in 2017. As a direct result of the documentary, Lynn Stalmaster, a casting director featured in the film, was awarded a lifetime achievement Oscar at the Governor’s Award -- the first time in history that a casting director has received an Oscar.

  • Because of the film, Hollywood has changed the way it looked at not only an entire sector of its workforce but also has reexamined the important influences in how films and television are made.