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tom donahue
Director + PRODUCER, founder

Tom is a director with a vision for action with each of his films. Not afraid to take on powerful institutions, his latest two films have interrogated failings within the U.S. military and the Hollywood machine. His films have played on thousands of screens and hundreds of festivals, combined; before directing, Tom produced and edited numerous features and documentaries that have, combined, won over twenty-five awards. He holds a degree from SUNY Purchase.


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Ilan arboleda
Producer, founder

Ilan is the idea person -- taking social issues from idea to the big screen. In addition to his duties as the primary producer on all CreativeChaos projects, Ilan oversees all creative development, business development, finance and operations for CreativeChaos vmg.  He has worked around the globe, financing and producing film and television for diverse audiences.  CreativeChaos is the intersection of his steadfast belief in film as art and his lifelong passion for public service.  His films and tv shows have appeared in dozens of festivals, on multiple networks, and have been screened in theaters around the world.  He holds a degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. 

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steve edwards
executive producer, founder

Steve serves as the Executive Producer or Co-Producer on all CreativeChaos vmg projects.  Steve combines a strong financial background with his love of art in his role as executive producer. A trained economist and graduate of the University of South Carolina, he has channeled his investment instincts into a bona fide hit as a first time producer with Casting By. He welcomes the collaborative nature of filmmaking. As partner in CreativeChaos vmg and a believer in provocative cinema, Edwards encourages the company’s philosophy of art, commerce, and social disruption.


Jessicya materano
production manager

If each film project were a ship, Jessicya would be the navigator: she fully overseas the production of all film and television, leading our teams and service vendors towards achieving the distinctive CreativeChaos vision. An astute problem-solver, Jessicya pushes the boundaries of disruption while ensuring delivery excellence. Her favorite CreativeChaos film is Los Tigres de Folsom. As an art and film nerd she loves the film's incisive insight into the urgent social issue of Latino incarceration interwoven with the art of musical storytelling.  Jessicya holds a B.F.A from the Fashion Institute of Technology and an M.P.S. from the School of Visual Arts.

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sarah marie ampil
assistant editor

Sarah came to CreativeChaos to help create films that change the world, starting with the forthcoming gender in Hollywood documentary. An editor by training, she assists with the challenging and exciting process of turning a complex social problem into a compelling narrative. Sarah is a senior at the School of Visual Arts.


Dana Benningfield
Story Producer

As story producer, Dana calls upon a breadth of experience in several creative fields: advertising, theatre arts and publishing. She loves being part of a team attempting to make the world a better place, one documentary at a time. She credits her father – the man who could spin a tall bedtime tale – for instilling in her the power of a story well told. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, an M.F.A. from the University of Alabama, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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Patty Bobo

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Jay Tan
post production supervisor

Jay is the reason our films get off the computer and onto the big screen. As the Post Production Supervisor, he’s in charge of all media and coordination of the editing process. He ensures that CreativeChaos films create change by highlighting unconscious bias and systemic failures. What he loves most about CreativeChaos -- besides editing --  is the chance to work with interns and help them grow within the company. Jay holds a degree from SUNY Stony Brook.

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Kylie Sobel
Co-Director + co-producuer

Kylie first came to the chaos as an intern, then became Story Editor for a film and ultimately pitched a feature documentary project for her directorial debut that is currently in production. Documentary is her passion, especially in a company that values and nurtures gender equality. She's studied filmmaking at the International Center of Photography and The Edit Center. Kylie graduated from Fordham University with degrees in French and Middle Eastern Studies.


Emily Graham-handler
Post-Production Intern

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Britney Franco
Research Assistant 



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Peter Elliot
Assistant production

Pete came to CreativeChaos to ensure to ensure this well-oiled machine runs smoothly. He appreciates the synergistic spirit of the company; there’s a project for everyone to really dive into and help craft the final product. Pete holds a degree from Colorado College, and his favorite CreativeChaos film is Thank You For Your Service for shining a light on the inadequate mental health care of veterans.

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Azza Cohen
Co-Director + co-producuer

Azza first came to CreativeChaos as a production assistant on a shoot in Dublin, Ireland, where she immediately loved the collaborative and disruptive spirit of the company. A historian by training, she sees documentary film as a fellow history teacher, inspiring audiences through provocative, sensitive, nonfiction storytelling. She holds a B.A. from Princeton University and an M.A. from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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Will Schreck
Post Production Intern

Will loves working on documentaries, and came to CreativeChaos to do the editing work with the bonus of actually working towards change. The editing process has helped him see injustices which he had not seen before. He holds a degree from Penn State University.