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tom donahue
Co-founder, director

Tom is the primary director on all of CreativeChaos vmg’s projects.  Tom’s films not only entertain, but they are deeply researched and articulated dives into systemic socio-political issues that create accountability and strong calls to action.  Tom is not afraid to take on powerful institutions - he has interviewed world leaders, powerful corporate titans, famous celebrities, and whistleblowers. An award winning director, his films have played on thousands of screens, major networks, the US Capitol, and at dozens of festivals.  Prior to his career as a director, he was an award winning producer and editor of feature films, documentaries, and television. His critically-regarded work has won over 30 awards from around the globe. He holds a degree from SUNY Purchase.

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Ilan arboleda
co-founder, Producer

Ilan is the primary producer on all CreativeChaos vmg projects and the managing partner overseeing all creative development, business development, finance and operations for the company.  He has worked around the globe, financing and producing films and television for diverse audiences. CreativeChaos is the full manifestation of his lifelong dream to merge his passion for filmmaking with his commitment to public service.  His films and tv programs have appeared in dozens of festivals, on multiple networks, and have been screened in theaters around the world. He holds a degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

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steve edwards
co-founder, executive producer,

A trained economist and graduate of the University of South Carolina, he has channeled his investment instincts into a finance and production company.  He has a deep love of film and television and welcomes the collaborative nature of the filmmaking process. As founder, partner in CreativeChaos vmg and a believer in provocative cinema, Edwards encourages the company’s philosophy of art, commerce, and social disruption.


Jessicya materano
Head of production &

Jessicya oversees all aspects of production, from development through delivery on each of our projects.  She manages a dedicated team committed to making great films with strong social action. She also serves as co-producer on many of the projects providing both logistical expertise and creative oversight.  As a former art school student, Jessicya responds to stories of identity and those who struggle to find purpose amid large-scale social issues. Jessicya holds a B.F.A from the Fashion Institute of Technology and an M.P.S. from the School of Visual Arts.

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Jay Tan
post production supervisor

Jay moves our films from the editing rooms onto the big screen. As the Post Production Supervisor, he manages all aspects of workflow and delivery, managing a crack pos-production team that he personally trained and developed.  Jay is passionate about filmmaking and oversees the CCVU, an in-office education program, that continually educates our team and new recruits. Jay holds a degree in Theatre Arts from SUNY Stony Brook as well as a certificate in film from The New School.

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Azza Cohen
STORY PRODUCER & researcher

Azza is the primary development manager, key story producer, and is the co-director of one of the company’s most ambitious projects.  A historian by training, she likens documentary film to a fellow history teacher, one that inspires audiences through provocative, sensitive, nonfiction storytelling.  She is a tireless researcher and fact-checker. Azza holds a B.A. in History from Princeton University where she serves on the board of trustees as well as an M.A. in History from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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Will Schreck

Will has quickly risen to become the most trusted Assistant Editor at the company helping to manage the workflow of multiple projects in post production.  In the editing room, he loves being a part of a team dedicated to highlighting in unique ways not seen before. He obtained a degree in Media Studies with a focus in Film and Television from Penn State University.